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Sunday, March 12

09:00 EDT

#41 Sun. Fire / EMS Instructor Continuing Education Room 2105 - 2nd Floor Central WingEric Snapp • Brock Yingling #59 Sun. Deep Dive into Fire Gear Cleaning and Maintenance Room 2118 - 2nd Floor North WingNick Magoteaux #64 Sun. Ditch The Wall and Update Your Search Room 1416 - 1st Floor North WingChris Hartford #65 Sun. Thermal Imaging Camera Room 2115 - 2nd Floor Central WingJim Peterson #66 Sun. Shaping Your Volunteer Fire Department to Fit Today's Expectations Room 2100 - 2nd Floor Central WingBrandon Fletcher #68 Sun. 9 Minutes "Life Changing, Department Changing" Room 1302 - 1st Floor South WingAndrew Sauder #70 Sun. Hazardous Materials Sampling Tactics Room 2110 - 2nd Floor Central WingNick Zamiska • Mark Vedder What It Takes to Be That Great Volunteer Company Officer AuditoriumChief Rick Laskey #38 Sun. Trauma Room 2203 - 2nd Floor East WingProMedica Air & Mobile Education Department #42 Sun. Mutual/Automatic Aid Tanker Shuttle ISO’S Fire Department Water Supply (Tanker Shuttle Hauled Water) Room 1203 - 1st Floor East WingOFCA Water-Tac Committee Team #46 Sun. CFSI Recertification Room 1207 - 1st Floor East Wing #47 Sun. Ohio Fire Incident Reporting (OFIRS) class Room 2109 - 2nd Floor Central WingState of Ohio Fire Marshal Fire Prevention Bureau #48 Sun. Fire Investigations Room 2111 - 2nd Floor Central WingRalph Long Sr. • Ralph Long Jr. #51 Sun. Back to Basics: (EMR CEU) Room 2119 - 2nd Floor North WingProMedica Air & Mobile Education Department #61 Sun. Leading Positive Change within an Organization Room 1106 - 1st Floor Central WingJosh Hartbarger • Jason Francis #40 Sun. Agricultural Accidents Room 2103 - 2nd Floor Central WingCapt. Rick Davis • Joe Kelbley • Steve Asmus • Capt. William Montrie • Mark Swihart • Scott Thomas #44 Sun. New Vehicle Safety Systems for the Rescuer Room 2107 - 2nd Floor Central WingDan Strayer #50 Sun. Fire Pumps Operation Room 1205 - 1st Floor East WingOhio Fire Academy Staff #56 Sun. Water on the Fire – What is Your Flow? Room 2123 - 2nd Floor North WingRichard Browne #60 Sun. Emergency Vehicle Operation (EVOC) - Driving Simulation Lab Automotive - 1st Floor North WingOhio Fire Academy Staff • Bill Star #37 Sun. Pediatrics & Geriatrics Room 2117 - 2nd Floor North WingJames Garber #49 Sun. Back to Basics Rescue Room 2129 - 2nd Floor East WingJake Hoffman #52 Sun. Mobile Search and Rescue Training Lab Room 1317 - 1st Floor South WingOhio Fire Academy Staff • Northern FOOLS Instructors #55 Sun. Mobile Structural Fire Attack Lab (Fire Blast) Room 1320 - 1st Floor South WingOhio Fire Academy Staff

13:00 EDT


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