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Andrew Sauder

Springfield Township Fire & Rescue
Battalion Chief
Battalion Chief Springfield Township Fire & Rescue Department - 15 years
Married, Amy (Wife), 4 children 3 girls (Amya, Libey, Zoey,) 1 boy (Quinn)

Class: 9 Minutes "Life Changing, Department Changing"

Ordinary dispatching of an EMS call turns into a working house fire with the victim trapped and no other resources on scene. 
- Strategies and tactics used that day
- 911 call taker audio

- Dispatch audio
- Fire ground audio
- All 3 of those audios are incorporated into this presentation

September 5th, 2018, Station 53 dispatched for an "Ill" person only to arrive on the scene and find a burn victim in the front yard (the father) stated to the crew upon arrival that his daughter is still inside the house, trapped. This day changed me and my department and I have created a presentation with the title listed above. This is a VERY powerful presentation and very heavy (emotionally at times) I promise will bring to light a lot of aspects of the fire service that are very basic. Strategies and tactics used that day will be vividly described. The 3 calls to 911 audio tapes are played. Followed by fire ground audio from that day. I give a first-hand account of what I experienced that day with my crew and the decisions I had to make as Lieutenant. Things almost went wrong that day and we almost didn't survive. The victim was successfully found and extricated from the residence, however, there are a lot more details involved in the story that are gone over. Fire ground scene pictures are also provided in this PowerPoint presentation.