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Chris Hartford

Squad 5 Fire Training
Class Description: Ditch The Wall and Update Your Search!

Although search is one of the most basic firefighting skills, many pieces of training fail to adequately
prepare members for realistic fire ground searches. Search techniques, what to expect, and
most importantly, what to do when locating a victim are just a few of the important, yet
overlooked training topics that will be covered. During this interactive lecture, case studies will be reviewed to reaffirm the need for an aggressive search mindset, on every fire we are dispatched to.

Chris Hartford is a 14-year veteran of the fire service having begun his career as a volunteer. Chris has worked at various departments throughout northwest Ohio. He is currently in his 9th year with the Toledo Fire
Department and assigned to Engine 16 in Toledo’s inner city. Chris is also a member of the Northwest
Ohio Region 1 Hazmat team.